2 startups, 12 months 🍳


I was inspired by levels and yongfook to make a 12 startups in 12 months project, starting from around July 2023 to July 2024.

However I want to put my own spin on it and make it 2 startups in 12 months so I can have a longer time frame to build and market the apps.

The reasons to do this, is as levels says

Problem one: finishing
We creatives have one common problem: finishing things.

Problem two: launching
fear of failure

S1: bookkss

The first startup was bookkss (July 2023 - September 2023).

What went well was

  1. the relatively fast iteration speed using vite (next time we'll use next)
  2. it was fun to build :D

What I learned from this startup is to

  1. use a styling library for faster development like Material UI
  2. to target B2B niches (AI, etc.) for indie hackers, see source 1
  3. manage feature creep (lock down features of MVP) 4 - build that out, and get feedback from users
  4. switching from next to vite to then back to next (this was my bad as I enabled the beta App router and had really slow site speeds for some reason, I wasn't able to diagnose it so I switched to Vite which solved the slow speeds, but I lost SSR (for SEO) which I wanted so I'm in the process of switching back to Next. This is due to each review being kind of like a blog post so we need web crawlers like Google to show these information pieces up on SERPs.
  5. practice marketing i.e. any kind of activity aligned to growth, that does not involve building features 5

🪦 December 2023 (ish)

S2 is HelloRemote @ helloremote.dev

HelloRemote (HR) is a job board for remote jobs.

🪦 December 2023 (ish)

S3 and S4 are XTrack.com and SubsTrackr. They help users track expenses and subscriptions, respectively.

The first one is deployed onto railway.app.

The second one uses t3 stack (nextjs, ts, tRPC, prisma, nextauth) and is deployed on Vercel.

Marketing (once the apps are done-ish) should consist of something like e.g.

post on HackerNews

post on ProductHunt

post on Reddit


being more active on Twitter/X

Build in public 6


paid ads?