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Building a blog with Next.js 🖥️

This website was created using Next.js and Material UI, with the blog posts being generated programmatically from markdown files.

The use of Material UI provided pre-built UI components that made it simpler to iterate quickly. Additionally, deployment on Vercel was straightforward.

The project structure is organized as follows:

  • src: includes the source code
  • src/pages: houses the pages
  • public: stores static files
  • posts: contains the blog posts

Within the src folder, there are several files, including:

  • [id].tsx: a dynamic route for blog posts
  • index.tsx: the home page
  • _app.tsx: a root component that wraps all pages
  • _document.tsx: utilized to add custom HTML tags to the page

Overall, using Next.js and Material UI streamlined the creation of this website. I am excited to continue exploring the advantages of server-side rendering and static site generation while building more websites using these tools.

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